A Night to Remember

It is so hard to pick just one event for this post, but I have to say Hannah and Victor Riley’s Wedding was definitely the most memorable. I cannot even express to y’all how beautifully chaotic this event was. Hannah was diagnosed with breast cancer as a young adult and came out a survivor. Not only was this wedding a celebration of marriage, it was also a celebration of life. With that being said, it was our duty to make this event absolutely PERFECT. Let me tell you, this wedding turned out perfect. There was no detail missed and everything worked out perfectly. Getting to this point though, was not perfect by any means. 

Liquid. Nitrogen. Ice. Cream. 

Who would have known, those four words would cause one of the most stressful night-before/day-of an event ever. 

It all started on a Friday night when one of our staff member’s forgot to stop by the welding company to pick up the liquid nitrogen. By the time we realized the welding place closed and we were starting to stress. We pulled out the phone books and started calling every single welding company in the area, desperately praying that one would be open. 

We needed this liquid nitrogen. The most minute detail could not be missed for this wedding. 

We were quickly trying to come up with a plan on how we were going to pull this off without the key ingredient. We brainstormed about using dry ice, but it just didn’t feel right. 

As I was driving home on the interstate, God answered my prayers. There was an air-gas truck driving next to me, I quickly prayed to God and said, “I HEAR YOU, TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” 

You better believe I started honking my horn like a crazy woman, trying to flag these people down. They kept looking at me like I was crazy, but I didn’t care, I NEEDED this liquid nitrogen. After about 10 minutes of driving next to them, screaming “I need your help,” they finally pulled over.

I got out of my car and sprinted down the side of the interstate to catch up to where they pulled off. Y’all let me tell you, as I was approaching them, they thought I was a crazy woman! 

God put those men on the road with me that day. It turns out, they had to change their travel plans and they originally weren’t supposed to be on the interstate, but thank God they were. 

We pulled off the liquid nitrogen ice cream at the wedding and it was a hit! To see Hannah’s expressions throughout the entire wedding was a feeling I will never forget. She deserved every detail.


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